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Suitcase of Joy

Fitness with a purpose

Welcome to Ula Fit - the activewear brand with the cutest, most unique clothes at an affordable and accessible price point. But we’re more than just activewear. We’re a brand that believes in giving. We give our customers the best, highest quality activewear, and for each item bought, we give the world a little gift too, through our donation to Suitcase of Joy. Learn more about how we give to this nonprofit organization in this post.

The values that underpin Ula Fit

We believe that fitness is essential for a healthy, happy life. It’s more than just looking good - it’s about feeling good, so that you can be your best self and show up as her in all that you do. This is what we call fitness with a purpose - activewear that makes a difference.

In terms of our activewear, this means that we create the highest quality, most unique activewear on the market. We want the women who shop with us to feel better than they have ever felt: confident, comfortable and ready to take on the world. Our activewear can be worn in the gym or at home due to our versatile style options and flexible material. 

How Ula Fit gives back

We are more than just activewear. We are a company that believes in creating a better world. Our ethos is ‘fitness with a purpose’ because aside from creating the best activewear, we also donate a portion of all our sales to a nonprofit organization, called Suitcase of Joy.

Suitcase of Joy

Suitcase of Joy is a charity that donates suitcases of toys, books, school supplies, clothing, sport equipment, and essential supplies to children in need in Africa, including remote villages in Kenya, Zimbabwe and South Africa. These items are literally sent in suitcases, hence the name. 

Many children in struggling parts of Africa do not have easy access to all the supplies they need on a daily basis, which can prevent them from learning and playing in the way they deserve to. By donating these items, many children are given the resources that support their education, and they are sent a little joy to light up their day. Through this act, we are helping to share joy and the power of education with people across the world, so that even those who are struggling can experience love and hope for a better future.

Since 2016, this charity has helped children who are struggling, to find joy. This message appealed to us at Ula Fit and so we have chosen to support this charity. We donate $1 per checkout to this amazing nonprofit organization to help touch one child’s heart at a time.

When you feel good, you can be the best version of yourself possible - so that you can give back and support those who need it. Every time you buy our activewear, you are supporting those children in need and making a difference.

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